Shanghai Miao-Shandong ± 800kV UHV DC Power Transmission Project

    This project is one of the national "13th Five-Year Plan" energy conservation and emission reduction, power transmission from west to east, "four horizontal and four vertical" major channels, and also the first DC transmission project with a rated transmission capacity of 10 million kilowatts. Taikai provides 100 sets of DC disconnectors, DC grounding switches and valve hall grounding switches of various models for the sending and receiving ends of the project, providing a solid equipment guarantee for the smooth completion and operation of the project.


Products supplied by Taikai:
◆ ± 800kV valve hall earthing switch
◆ ± 400kV DC disconnector
◆ ± 400Kv DC earthing switch  
± 400kV valve hall earthing switch
◆ ± 150kV DC disconnector
± 150kV DC earthing switch
± 150kV valve hall earthing switch