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    This product is a complete set of indoor power distribution device for 12kV three-phase AC 50Hz single bus and single-bus segmented system, with rated current of 1250A, 2500A, 3150A, using low pressure N2 gas as the insulation medium that is sealed in a stainless steel enclosure and isolated from the ambient environment. It has the advantages of modularization, miniaturization, intelligence, high protection level, long service life, maintenance-free, high insulation performance, safe and reliable quality, which is internationally leading. It is mainly used in power distribution systems such as substations, power plants, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining enterprises, subways, etc., for protection, control and monitoring purposes, to achieve the effects of convenient operation and maintenance, intelligent remote control, and safe and reliable protection of operators, especially suitable for high humidity (or condensation), high altitude, pollution and other harsh environmental conditions.
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