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Voltage transformer and lightning arrester for 220kV GIS

    The voltage transformer for 220kV GIS is a voltage conversion device for GIS. The fully enclosed high voltage shield, low loss and high saturation iron core is adopted, which is characterized by high metering accuracy, small excitation loss, small volume, convenient installation, excellent sealing performance, stable and reliable performance, and free of operation and maintenance.
    The lightning arrester for 220kV GIS is a kind of power equipment used for GIS for limiting overvoltage and protection purposes. It uses high gradient oxide resistor, which has the characteristics of large current capacity, small leakage current, low residual voltage, fast response speed and small volume. The product is applied in the ± 800kV Suidong converter station of the Southern Power Grid and the Zhejiang Zhoushan Rouzhi converter station of the State Grid.
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