Taikai Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chuneng New Energy


    On June 7, Taikai Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chuneng New Energy Co., LTD. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of energy storage battery supply, market promotion and industrial collaboration to achieve complementary advantages. Feng Li, deputy general manager of the Group, Du Yingying, vice president of Chuneng New Energy, signed the agreement on behalf of both sides, and Fan Deping, general manager of the group, witnessed the signing ceremony.

    General Manager Fan welcomed the arrival of the General manager Du and his delegation, and accompanied them to visit the exhibition hall of the Group, and introduced the development process and corporate overview of the group in detail. Mr. Fan said that Taikai is one of the major power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing enterprises in China, with products covering the entire power system field, mature market layout and rich customer resources. Chuneng New Energy has mature and leading energy storage system and battery product technology, and the two sides have a large industry correlation and strong industrial complementarity, and have a good foundation for cooperation. It is hoped that the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages in the power transmission and transformation industry and energy storage technology, cooperate with each other for common development, and jointly explore innovation in energy storage battery supply and key technology research and development to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

    Mr. Du introduced in detail the product layout, production line construction, process research and development, and market development of Chuneng New Energy Company. And said that Chuneng New energy has mature technical reserves and advanced manufacturing production lines in energy storage batteries, especially in battery safety technology has significant advantages, in line with the product development direction of Taikai Group. We hope to take this signing as an opportunity to carry out in-depth cooperation in energy storage projects, jointly create cost advantages, quality advantages, efficiency advantages, and performance advantages, and promote the rapid landing of high-quality projects and achieve practical results.

    Subsequently, Mr. Du and his delegation visited the power electronics workshop and arc suppression coil digital workshop of Taikai Power Electronics Company, and had in-depth exchanges on energy storage battery safety technology, advanced manufacturing, quality management, after-sales service system, and other aspects.