Powerful equipment driven by digital intelligence


    Recently, the Group and Yonyou Network jointly organized the "equipment power digital intelligence Drive - into Taikai Group and 2023 equipment manufacturing enterprise digital intelligence Innovation Forum" was successfully held. Chen Tao, deputy director of Taian High-tech Zone Management Committee, Du Yanchun, chief accountant of the Group, Guo Guangli, Minister of Publicity Department of Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Association, Du Yu, senior vice president of Yonyou Network, Lu Hongjun, CDO of Equipment Manufacturing Division, Tan Junqiang, Zhu Yachao and other experts and leaders attended the meeting.

    More than 200 representatives of equipment manufacturing enterprises from different industries learned about advanced products, scientific research achievements and key projects in the Group exhibition hall, and felt the latest achievements of the group's digital intelligent transformation in the financial sharing center.

At the forum, Zhang Dong Zuo, director of the Information Center of the Group's Property Tax Administration Department, made a special report on the Practice of the digital intelligent Transformation of Taikai Group, elaborating on the construction of the three platforms of R&D design, production and supply chain, and financial sharing. The paper reports the remarkable achievements in basic data standardization, business process standardization, design and manufacturing integration, production supply chain coordination, cost accounting refinement, business and financial integration, etc.

    The equipment manufacturing industry is an important part of the country and an important part of the real economy. Since the cooperation between Taikai and UF, the two sides have made a lot of successful practices in promoting the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry, improving industrial efficiency, improving product reliability and high-end development. In the future, Taikai will cooperate deeply with excellent digital service providers, apply high-tech intelligent network technology to production practice, vigorously innovate digital design, remote operation and maintenance services, personalized customization and other means, build intelligent workshops and factories based on lean production and flexible production, and provide users with efficient and reliable power transmission and transformation overall solutions.