"Youth posture, full firepower" - Taikai Group's welcome and expansion of the 2023 college student training


It's the height of summer again

It's the new season again

This July

We go both ways.

There are young talents from all over the world

You just walked out of campus

Full of vigor and spirit

Like a rolling wave

Set off a storm of youth

In order to make more than 400 new employees better integrate into the big family of Taikai, the group has developed a rich and colorful training plan, including seven contents such as orientation and expansion, cultural system training, and career knowledge teaching, with a total duration of one month.

Training Opening Ceremony


Group human resources Minister Liu Zhen delivered a welcome speech


Previous student representatives spoke


2023 Student Representative Speech

"Taught training

    Han Changgeng, deputy general manager of the Group and chairman of the transformer, shared the brilliant History of the Group. He said that for decades, the Group has always maintained a keen insight and resilience in an environment full of challenges and opportunities, adhered to technological innovation and self-innovation, and steadily sought development. I hope that all new colleagues can keep up with the pace of the Group's development, learn from the work wisdom and experience in the future, constantly innovate working methods, firmly believe and bravely move forward, continue to struggle on the road of realizing the steady development of the Group, and jointly create a brilliant tomorrow.

    As a key infrastructure field, the power transmission and transformation industry has been in rapid development and continuous change. Gong Ruilei, deputy general manager of High Voltage Company, shared the "Development Status and Trend of Power transmission and transformation Industry" for new colleagues. By introducing the development context of the industry, the status quo of technological innovation, the latest policies and regulations, and market development trends, etc. Let everyone have a comprehensive understanding of the industry environment and future development direction.

Military Training Show

Outward bound


    Youth build dreams at the right time, not young and not self. I wish the new college students can continue to progress and grow in the future work, realize their own value in the post, share the fate and development with the group, and join hands to create a better tomorrow of Taikai!