Ling Wen, Deputy Governor of Shandong Province, Visited Taikai Group for Inspection and Guidance


On the morning of May 7, Ling Wen, the deputy governor of Shandong Province, visited Taikai Group to inspect and guide the work, and gave important instructions. Yang Hongtao, the secretary of Tai'an Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Ying, the secretary of Tai'an Municipal Party Committee, Jiang Ning, the Deputy Mayor, Liu Bin, the secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone, Liu Xuemin, the secretary of the Party Committee of Taikai Group, Cai Taoyuan, the Chairman, and Fan De, the General Manager were accompanied.

Ling Wen visited the exhibition hall of Taikai Group, listened to the explanation of the development history of the group, went deep into the production workshop of the High Voltage Switchgear company, got a detailed understanding of the production and operation, scientific and technological innovation, safe production and other conditions, affirmed the long-term development achievements of Taikai Group, encouraged the group to maintain its development focus, comprehensively accelerate the pace of technological innovation, seek breakthroughs in key technologies, chew more "hard bones", and strengthen its core competitiveness, Lay the foundation for high-quality development.