The group's Four Subordinate Enterprises Won the Title of National Professional, Fining, Specialized and Novelized "Small Giant" Enterprise


At present, 15 companies under Taikai Group have won the title of "Shandong Province Professional, Fining, Specialized and Novelized Enterprise". Recently, four companies affiliated to the group, including Transformer Company, Electric Appliance Company, Disconnector Company and Vacuum Switch Company, have been successfully approved as state-level specialized "small giant" enterprises!

“Small Giant” is the outstanding one among the Professional, Fining, Specialized and Novelized Enterprises, which refers to the enterprises that are featured with Professional, Fining, Specialized and Novelized, and is the industry "pacesetter" focusing on market segmentation, mastering core technology, strong innovation ability, high market share, and good quality and efficiency.

In the future, the Group will actively focus on the national energy policy orientation, seize the "double carbon" and new power system construction opportunities, encourage its affiliates to focus on the new "small giant" enterprise standards, target excellent companies in the industry, adhere to reform and innovation, consolidate the management foundation, strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises, and strive to create a new situation of high-quality development.