Taikai two products successfully selected 2023 "Good products Shandong"


    "Haopin Shandong" is a regional public brand created by the Shandong Provincial Government and a representative of the overall image of Shandong products, projects and service brands. Recently, two products of Taikat high voltage reactor and static reactive power generator were successfully selected into the brand list of "Good products Shandong" in 2023.


Ultra-high voltage reactor

    Taikai Power Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the leading enterprises in the production and manufacturing of high-voltage reactors in China. Each type of reactor product has formed a technical feature of AC and DC simultaneously and full coverage of voltage levels. The highest voltage of the product reaches DC ±1100kV and the maximum current 6000A is the highest level in the industry. Among them, the technical performance of many products such as ±1100kV DC PLC reactor and 500kV bridge arm reactor is at the international leading level, and it operates safely and stably in UHV lines such as "Changji-Guquan ±1100kV DC transmission" and "Zhangbei-Xiongan 1000kV AC transmission and transformation".

Static reactive power generator

    Taikai Power Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest enterprises to carry out research and industrialization of reactive power compensation technology in China. Static reactive power generator using the latest reactive power compensation technology at home and abroad, through real-time digital simulation technology enabling, product compensation accuracy, operating efficiency, floor area, operating noise and other key indicators in the industry leading level, widely used in new energy, power grid, metallurgy fields. Won the "2022 Shandong Quality brand product", "2022 Shandong Famous brand", "Shandong first set" and other honors.