"Taikai Cup" staff basketball League successfully concluded


    On the afternoon of August 26, the first "Taikai Cup" staff basketball league of the Group came to a successful end in the gymnasium of Shandong Agricultural University, the final Shandong Taikai Cable Co., Ltd. narrowly won by 1 point, and finally won the basketball league championship, Taikai transformer, high voltage switch Company won the second and third place, more than 1200 staff and their families attended the game.

▲ Final and Closing ceremony

    The competition was organized by the group trade union, and the trade unions of the companies responded positively. The competition lasted for two months, 192 employees participated in a total of 32 games, which were divided into four stages: the group stage, the final eight, the final four and the final four. Throughout the course of the competition, all the players fought hard and competed courageously, and interpreted the sportsmanship of "higher, faster and stronger" with their actions.
    In the finals, the players were full of fighting spirit and went all out to show their skilled skills and confidence to win. With the progress of the game, the players will grab every ball and fight for every point. The strength of not being afraid and not admitting defeat completely lit up the atmosphere at the scene, and the audience also waved the flag and shouted for their respective teams to cheer and fully enjoy the happiness brought by the game.

Champion: Shandong Taikai Cable Co., LTD


Runner-up: Shandong Taikai Transformer Co., LTD


Third place: Shandong Taikai High Voltage Switch Co., LTD

    Work hard and reach perfection. The staff basketball league not only enriched the spare time life of the employees, but also enhanced the communication between the companies, and fully demonstrated the corporate culture of Taikai. The trade union of the Group will take the sports and sports events as the starting point, and actively build an activity platform to meet the good aspirations of employees, stimulate the enthusiasm for exercise, so that work and life can empower each other, and create a good atmosphere of striving for excellence and unity.