Taikai completed "Rated voltage 500kV crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cable" new product technical appraisal!


    On November 4, Taikai Cable Company, a subsidiary of the group, held a technical appraisal meeting on new products of "500kV crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cable (ZC-YJLW03-Z 290/500 1×2500) with rated voltage". The meeting was organized by the China Electricity Council, and 28 experts from China Electric Power Research Institute, State Grid, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Southern Power Grid Scientific Research Institute and other units attended the meeting.

    The appraisal committee listened to the appraisal project theme report, after reviewing the appraisal data, visiting the production site, on-site sampling and discussion, the experts agreed that Taikai cable "rated voltage 500kV crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cable" product process plan is reasonable, advanced production equipment, complete testing equipment, comprehensive technical performance has reached the international advanced level. Agree to pass the new product technical appraisal.

Rated voltage 500kV crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cable

    In line with the green development concept of "efficient, clean, low-carbon and circular", Taikai Cable promotes the construction of green factories and green supply chains, carries out energy-saving technology upgrading and transformation, and is committed to doing a good job in each section of wire and cable, each set of accessories products and services.
    The appraisal passed smoothly, marking the design, research and development and manufacturing of Taikai ultra-high voltage cable products among the advanced level of the industry. In the future, Taikai will follow the national development strategy, continuously improve the level of intelligent manufacturing and product core competitiveness, and continue to help the construction of new power systems.