Taikai won the first prize of 2023 China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress!


    Recently, Shandong Taikai DC Technology Co., Ltd. declared "Megawatt-level multi-port power electronic transformer key technology, equipment and its application" won the first prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress.

    The multi-port power electronic transformer was jointly developed by Taikai and Tsinghua University and applied to the demonstration project of the national key research and development plan "Smart Grid Technology and Equipment" key special project 4.1. The product adopts the modular multilevel common high frequency AC bus power router topology scheme, with the characteristics of multi-port, multilevel connection, multi-flow, multi-form, power coordination and decoupling between ports, port configuration and capacity expansion is simple and flexible; The high frequency isolation integrated leakage sensing design of power unit has the characteristics of high energy density, high conversion efficiency and high insulation strength.

    The group has carried out long-term in-depth cooperation with Tsinghua University, Xi 'an Jiaotong University, Shandong University and other universities, and has developed a number of world's first products. In the future, the Group will promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements by strengthening the integration of "production, university and research", constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, deeply participate in the construction of new power systems, and help the national dual-carbon goal to be realized on schedule.