Taikai green manufacturing achievements have been recognized at the national level


    Recently, the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the "2023 annual Green Manufacturing Public List", the group of 3 enterprises on the list: Shandong Taikai High voltage Switch Co., Ltd. was awarded the national green factory, Shandong Taikai isolation switch Co., Ltd. and Shandong Taikai Transformer Co., Ltd. were awarded the national green supply chain management enterprises.

    Green factory is the production unit of the manufacturing industry, is the main body of the implementation of green manufacturing, and belongs to the core support unit of the green manufacturing system, focusing on the green production process. In the "Notice on the Construction of green Manufacturing System" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the first-level indicators of green factory evaluation include six categories: infrastructure, management system, energy and resource input, products, environmental emissions and performance, while green supply chain management enterprises manage business processes such as design, procurement, production, logistics and recycling in accordance with the requirements of product life cycle.
    The Group closely follows the national low-carbon policy guidance, focuses on the "double carbon" goal and the construction of new power systems, carries out green and intelligent transformation of traditional production lines, and carries out low-carbon and digital design of new production lines. At present, the group has accumulated 1 "national green factory", 2 "national green supply chain management enterprises", 2 "Shandong Green Factory" and 3 "Shandong green supply chain management enterprises".

    In the future, the Group will continue to actively build an efficient, clean, low-carbon and circular green manufacturing system, strive to create more green manufacturing demonstration units, and practice the "double carbon" call with practical actions.