Zhang Xing, general manager of CGNPC's new energy engineering division, visited the group for a discussion


 On the afternoon of January 5, Zhang Xing, general manager of the new energy engineering division of CGN New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., and his party visited the group. Cai Taoyuan, chairman of the group, Feng Li, deputy general manager, Wang Rui, chairman of the disconnecting switch, and Zhao Xingying, chairman of the transformer company, accompanied him.

  Mr. Zhang and his entourage visited the exhibition hall of the group to learn more about the group's enterprise profile, talent training, scientific and technological innovation, new power system layout, self-made core components, etc., and inspected the group's subordinate high-voltage, transformer, cable, box transformer and other companies, and spoke highly of Taikai's technology research and development, manufacturing, and performance capabilities.

  At the symposium, General Manager Zhang said that Taikai and CGN have worked together for many years to jointly complete the construction of many projects, and overcame many difficulties last year and completed the supply task excellently. This year, CGNPC's construction task will be more onerous than last year, and I hope that Taikai will continue to fully support it, and also hope that the two sides can carry out deeper, farther and wider cooperation in the research and development of new energy special products in the future, and go hand in hand to move forward to the future.

  Chairman Cai warmly welcomed Mr. Zhang and his entourage, and sincerely thanked CGN for its trust and support to Taikai. He said that the two sides have accumulated deep friendship in long-term cooperation and are close partners. In the future, whether it is pre-project planning or post-production scheduling, Taikai will, as always, fully cooperate with CGN to do a good job in the construction of various projects. He agreed with Mr. Zhang's proposal that the two sides should cooperate in the research and development of special products, and hoped to give full play to their respective advantages, carry out multi-level and multi-dimensional exchanges, and create a model of cooperation between large enterprise groups.