Taikai Group held the 2023 annual work summary meeting


  On the morning of February 2, the 2023 annual work summary meeting of Taikai Group was held in the headquarters, and a total of 181 shareholders, directors, supervisors and senior executives at all levels of the group attended the meeting, and the conference opened in the majestic national anthem.

  At the meeting, the "Notice on Commending Advanced Units in 2023" was read out, and six companies, including transformers, power electronics, vacuum switches, transformers, complete sets of electrical appliances, and Jiangxi complete sets, performed well and won the honorary title of "Group Advanced Unit in 2023".

  Comrade Fan Deping, general manager of the group, made a work summary report with the theme of "Striving for Excellence, Improving Quality and Efficiency, Continuously Improving Core Competitiveness, Seeking Truth from Facts, Taking Advantage of the Trend, and Achieving Steady and Sustainable Development".

  He said that in 2023, under the leadership of the party committee, the board of directors and leaders at all levels of the group, all Taikai people will work hard and do not slack off, and various indicators such as operating income, contract orders, and taxes paid will reach a new high, and the development of the enterprise will reach a new level. Mr. Fan also said that in the next 2024, the group will seize new development opportunities, keep integrity and innovation, unite and struggle, and open a new chapter of high-quality development of the group with a never-slackening spirit and a high-spirited attitude of struggle!

  Comrade Cai Taoyuan, chairman of the group, expressed warm congratulations to the advanced units that won the commendation and awards, and made further arrangements in combination with the group's work in 2024, requiring the group to do a good job in implementation, adhere to seeking truth from facts, focus on key points to build a solid chassis, maintain strategic focus, and continue to build core competitiveness.

  The trend of ambition is far-reaching, and the ambition is incomprehensible. Standing at a new starting point for development, in the face of opportunities and challenges, Taikai people will concentrate their efforts, forge ahead, and write a brilliant chapter together!