Taikai Group has carried out the "first lesson of construction" activity in an all-round way


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Anchoring "The beginning is a decisive battle, and the start is a sprint"

Take the "first lesson of construction"

New year, new deployment, start work and safety

 The chairman of the high-voltage switchgear company organized the safety education activity of "The First Lesson of Construction", and conducted the "First Lesson of Construction" safety production knowledge training for all employees through a combination of online and offline, conveyed the spirit of the document of the superior management department on safety production work, and arranged and deployed the safety production work in 2024.

 The chairman of the complete set of companies summarized the company's safety production in 2023 at the "First Lesson" safety education and training meeting, and deployed the safety work in 2024, and put forward the safety production requirements of "hard work, active responsibility, active action, and strict investigation of hidden dangers".

 Taking the "First Lesson of Construction" activity as an opportunity, the general manager of the company will make deployment arrangements for the safety work requirements in 2024, conduct education and training on the importance of training, key points of work, safety awareness improvement, safety knowledge and skills after resumption of work, and improve the training effect through online examinations.

  The chairman of the board of directors of the electrical appliance company organized the "first lesson of starting" activity, summarized the safety production work in 2023 and made arrangements for the safety production work in 2024, emphasizing that all employees should gather their thoughts on holidays, strengthen safety awareness, strengthen hidden danger investigation, and ensure the completion of the annual safety production target.

The class starts with a safe and safe new year

    The chairman of the power electronics company emphasized the importance of "safe development and people-oriented" in the "first lesson of construction", and called on all employees to enhance safety awareness and implement safety responsibilities. The general manager of the company emphasized that all employees should maintain a sense of distress and crisis, and always think about safety and grasp safety.

   The transformer company prepared the "implementation plan for the first lesson of safety production" as a guide, which was personally organized and taught by the chairman of the company, and all employees of the company participated in the warning education, conscientiously implemented the responsibility, strengthened the safety awareness, built a strong ideological line of defense, and maintained the stability of the company's safety production situation.

   The chairman of the board of directors of the electric power construction company organized and publicized the importance of carrying out the first lesson of the start of construction on the "first lesson of construction", and required all employees to strengthen safety awareness, put an end to luck psychology, and implement various safety control measures.

  The chairman of the precision casting company earnestly told all employees about the safety situation in the "first lesson of starting" activity, taught safety production knowledge, deeply analyzed the weak links of safety production, and unswervingly ensured the stability of the safety production situation.

 The chairman of the power switch company emphasized in the "first lesson of starting" that in the new year, we should build a good safety management system with a high sense of responsibility and mission, and continue to maintain the company's safe production and stability. The general manager of the company gave a lecture to all employees, requiring everyone to pay attention to safety production work, stay vigilant at all times, and keep the bottom line of safety.

Hidden dangers are fully investigated, and all safety protection personnel are protected

  The chairman of the transformer company carried out the safety education of "the first lesson of starting" for all employees, and the general manager of the company organized a special meeting of "the first lesson of starting" to make relevant arrangements for the safety production work and carry out safety production education and training for all employees, and then the company immediately organized a safety inspection before resuming work.

  On the "first lesson of starting", the chairman of the automation company organized the heads of various departments to conduct a centralized review of safety debriefing commitments, and taught the first lesson of starting, and then the chairman led a team to conduct a comprehensive hidden danger investigation before the company started.

  The cable company deeply integrates the "first lesson" with the "big warning, big learning and big reflection" activities, and uses various forms of training such as "morning meeting", "pre-class and after-class meeting" and "video warning education". The chairman personally deployed the safety inspection of the resumption of work, and led the team to inspect the resumption of work of the company's key equipment and areas.

 The chairman of Jiangxi complete set of companies organized the first lesson of "special training on safety for enterprises to resume work and production", and interacted with employees on safety knowledge according to the training content to deepen the training effect. Subsequently, the chairman of the company led a team to investigate key electrical equipment and fire-fighting facilities to eliminate potential safety hazards.

Warnings are not relaxed, and safety is kept in mind

The chairman of the disconnector company organized the "first lesson" safety training and education, and carried out safety production education and training for all employees, so that everyone could gather their thoughts and quickly enter the working state, and enhance the safety awareness of employees by organizing the viewing of accident case warning education films, typical accident case sharing, and safety knowledge publicity.

  The chairman of the vacuum switch company organized a special safety training of "the first lesson of starting", led all employees to learn the courseware of "Safety Awareness Improvement", watched the warning education video, urged employees to drive away post-holiday syndrome, strengthen safety awareness, and compact safety responsibilities.

   The chairman of the board of directors of the heavy industry company organized the "first lesson of construction" activity, emphasizing the importance of safety production. It is required to further strengthen responsibility, make every effort to prevent security risks, and build a solid safety barrier. The company organizes all employees to watch the accident warning education film, effectively strengthens the safety awareness of employees, and curbs safety production accidents.

  On the "first lesson" of the environmental protection company, the general manager of the company deployed the safety production work after the resumption of work, emphasized the safety precautions for resumption of work and production, adjusted the mentality of all employees, swept away the post-holiday syndrome, improved safety vigilance, and ensured that production and construction quickly returned to safe and efficient operation.