You Min, executive vice president of China Electric Power Development Promotion Association, investigated Taikai Group


  On the morning of April 1, You Min, executive Vice president and Secretary general of China Electric Power Development Promotion Association (hereinafter referred to as "Electric Promotion Association"), visited the group, accompanied by CAI Tao-yuan, General manager Fan Deping, deputy general manager Feng Zhengmao and Feng Li.

  Chairman You and his delegation visited the exhibition hall of the Group to understand in detail the group's corporate overview, talent training, scientific and technological innovation, main products, new power system layout, core parts homemade and other situations, and gave a high evaluation.

  At the forum, President You highly recognized the comprehensive development of the group, and pointed out that in recent years, SASAC and the National Energy Administration have issued policy opinions on accelerating the digitalization and intelligent development of central enterprises and the energy and power industry, and the power Promotion Association has taken the trend to do a good job of member work, by attaching importance to the construction of third-party platforms, promoting member enterprises to promote each other. Continue to use social resources to promote the transformation of scientific research achievements and other actions, and constantly improve the industry and social influence.

  Chairman CAI warmly welcomed the arrival of Chairman You and his party, and introduced the current development status and future development ideas of the Group in detail, he said that Taikai Group will continue to deepen in the field of power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing, continue to follow up the needs of users and the industry, maintain strategic focus, through the creation of a scientific and complete talent training system, the implementation of efficient and flexible management mechanism. Promote the steady development of enterprises.