The second "Tai Kai Cup" basketball league grand opening




The second "Tai Kai Cup"

Basketball league starts

Time: May 18th - July 21st


The second "Thai Kai Cup" basketball league opened hot

Basketball players from 17 teams gathered on the court

Together for the championship trophy launched a fierce competition

Grand opening

  The grand opening of the league was in the mood of the athletes' march and the solemn national anthem, and more than 200 employees from 17 teams of directly affiliated companies gathered at the scene.

Opening ceremony site

High voltage switch company general manager Wang Jiancheng speech

Workers and players on behalf of cable company Meng Xinyu

Taian Basketball Association referee representative Zhang Xiqi

  After the simple and grand opening ceremony, the opening match of the group stage officially kicked off. According to the results of the preliminary draw, Shandong Taikai High voltage Switch Co., Ltd. basketball team and Shandong Taikai Transformer Co., Ltd. basketball team started the first round. With a whistle, the two sides instantly switched on "combat mode." Players pass, screen, breakthrough, layup with ease, shot, three-point long shot endless, backcourt long pass, alley-oop, pick-and-roll shot with tacit understanding, pace with wind. The men who strive to be the first in the usual work also show their unyielding efforts on the basketball court. At this moment, sweat replaces language and becomes the most intimate way of communication.

Opening jump

Brilliant fast break

  This basketball league will last two months, the first game day, a total of 10 teams on the court show style, there are tacit cooperation and accurate shooting, but also in the close competition you attack I defend, tenacious struggle. The agile figure, the passionate attack and defense, the shouts and cheers of the field, and the sound of the field goals together constitute an exciting scene of the field.