5 million RMB! Taikai Group award science and Technology Innovation


    The group has always regarded innovation as the "driving force" for enterprise development. In order to stimulate the innovation vitality of all employees and cultivate technology leading talents, the group organizes experts to select the new technologies, products, and processes obtained by each company that year, and ultimately selects the "Group Outstanding Contribution Award".

    Recently, the 2022 "Outstanding Contribution Award" evaluation has come to a successful conclusion. In the end, 5 projects including "High proportion new energy export support technology and SVG equipment" won the first prize, and 14 projects including "550kV 8000A large capacity combined electrical appliances" won the second prize, with a total reward amount of 5 million RMB!

SVG equipment for new energy large-scale confluence stations

    In recent years, the Group has introduced a series of policies in scientific research investment, evaluation, incentive distribution, closed-loop management and other aspects, and uses key core technologies as the "whetstone" to train talents. The group has laid out related fields of new power system in advance, and carried out close cooperation with Tsinghua University, Xi 'an Jiaotong University, Chongqing University and other universities. It has achieved technological breakthroughs in flexible DC power transmission, energy storage and other aspects. A number of new products have been successfully developed, and many new processes have significantly improved the quality and efficiency. The Group will seize the opportunity of national energy transformation, adhere to the concept of innovative development, continue to build core competitiveness, and provide scientific and technological support for the high-quality development of enterprises.