A Thank-you Letter with Warm Words


Recently, the High Voltage Switchgear company, Vacuum Switch company, Power Switch company and Disconnector company of Taikai Group received a letter of thanks from users, which was full of recognition and affirmation of Taikai's high-quality products and warm service.

01 –Praise to High Voltage Switchgear company

With a total installed capacity of 3.6 million kilowatts and 12 units installed, the Fengning Pumped Storage Power Station of the State Grid is the largest pumped storage power station under construction in the world at present. It is an important project to support and serve the supply of all green power for the 2022 Winter Olympics, ensure the reliable operation of the Zhangbei Flexible DC Project, and promote the effective consumption of new energy in North China. High Voltage Switchgear company started installation on January 11, 2021. During the process, technical service personnel actively coordinated with the owner, reasonably deployed, overcame the adverse environmental impact of high altitude, low gas temperature and other adverse environmental impacts, carefully handled the difficulties in the field test and power transmission process, and carried out installation and commissioning in strict accordance with the project schedule and plan, and successfully completed the 500kV system reverse power transmission project of the State Grid Xinyuan Hebei Fengning Pumped Storage Power Station.

Huaneng Cangnan No. 4 220kV offshore wind power project is a key project of the national "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan", with a total investment of more than 8 billion yuan and an annual power generation capacity of 1.2 billion kWh. The project is located in a special geographical location and is built near the sea. Typhoons are often encountered and the air humidity is high, which brings great difficulties to the overall installation. Due to the complex site conditions, our service personnel walked 80 minutes back and forth to the site every day, worked overtime, overcame all kinds of difficulties, and completed the installation, commissioning and various acceptance tests of all equipment in only 50 days.


一封感谢信 字字暖人心


02 – Praise to Vacuum Switch company

The 110 kV power transmission and transformation project of the new lighthouse in Qiantang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, provides a strong guarantee for the development of Hangzhou Dajiangdong and even Qiantang New Area. Our service personnel shared weal and woe with the construction party and the commissioning party, and overcame difficulties. The high sense of responsibility and superb technical level displayed in the process was recognized by the customer. The customer said that he would like to continue to cooperate sincerely with the company to create brilliant!

In the construction project of Dapingtian Hydropower Station in Tengchong, Yunnan Province, the service personnel of the Vacuum Switch company repaired three circuit breakers in one day and actively carried out maintenance process training. Their good professional quality and professional skills were highly praised by the users.

In Fujian Sanming 110KV Wuli Substation Project, the "outdoor insulated fully enclosed composite apparatus intelligent equipment" installed by the Vacuum Switch company provides strong support for the development of Qingliu Chengnan Industrial Park. The company's staff actively assisted in equipment commissioning, followed the arrangement and fulfilled their duties, overcame a series of difficulties, and the service attitude and ability were unanimously praised by users.



03 – Praise to Power switchgear company

The composite apparatus equipment project of Zhecheng 110 kV Jima Station is a municipal emergency project. The service personnel of Taikai Power Switchgear Co., Ltd. communicated with relevant departments at the first time and arranged the production technology and other departments to confirm the fastest delivery date. Through unremitting efforts, overcome the adverse factors such as short time and limited power, and complete the delivery on the agreed date.

In the pre-installed renovation project of Xiping Substation in Zunyi, Guizhou, the service personnel of Taikai Power Switchgear Co., Ltd. made full use of their technical expertise, carried forward the spirit of hard work, and provided high-quality services to users, which was unanimously recognized by users.




04 – Praise to Disconnector company

Xinjiang UHV Hami 750kV substation is the interconnection project between Xinjiang and the northwest, and an important hub for Xinjiang power transmission. Taikai Disconnector company will improve and increase capacity as required. Due to the fact that the station cannot be completely powered off, the construction time is tight, the task is heavy, and the number of personnel is large, and the construction needs to be carried out alive at adjacent bays. In addition, the epidemic prevention and control policy in Xinjiang restricts the flow of people from the mainland, so the original employees cannot enter the construction area. Under the overall planning and coordination of the company's leaders, personnel from all over the country and the head of the power construction company were urgently transferred for several nights in succession to break through many difficulties and successfully complete the construction task, which was recognized by the leaders of Xinjiang UHV Maintenance Company.

The new project of Changsha 1000 kV substation is the first UHV project to be started during the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" period. Taikai Disconnector Company withstood the supply pressure, overcame the difficulties such as large workload and tight construction period, and successfully completed the established task with a highly responsible attitude, which was highly praised by the State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company.




A letter of thanks from customers is like a bunch of warm sunshine in winter, full of infinite warmth and full of true feelings!

In the face of users' praise, we will provide sincere and high-quality services to the majority of users with the mentality of not raising the whip, but also shoulder the responsibility to forge ahead and create greater value for users with more intelligent and efficient solutions and considerate and professional services!