An international first! Taikai Group 252kV phase selection fast low-frequency circuit breaker developed successfully


    By the end of 2022, China's offshore wind power installed capacity ranks first in the world, compared with land wind power, offshore wind power equipment costs are higher, more difficult to operate and maintain, in order to solve the industry problems, "flexible low-frequency transmission" came into being, low-frequency circuit breaker research and development is one of the most critical part.

    Recently, the "252kV phase selection fast low-frequency circuit breaker" developed by the Group's subordinate high-voltage switch company and the China Institute of Electrical Science and Technology has been successfully put into operation in the Hangzhou Zhongbu - Tingshan low-frequency AC power transmission project. The product is included in the "National key research and development plan", and is also the first application of fast circuit breaker technology and phase-selective breaking technology in the flexible low-frequency power transmission demonstration project, which is the first in the world.

252kV phase selection fast low-frequency circuit breaker

    As a governing unit of the "China New Power System Technology Innovation Alliance", Taikai Group has always attached importance to innovation and research and development, and increased forward-looking technology investment from the needs of energy transformation to promote the high-quality development of power transmission and transformation equipment industry. The successful development of this product will provide valuable experience for the group's next low-frequency fast circuit breaker series research and development, and also lay a solid foundation for the large-scale application of "flexible low-frequency power transmission" technology.