Tai Kai appeared at the 2023 Academic Annual meeting of the Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering


    Recently, the China Society of Electrical Engineering High voltage Committee, testing technology and instrumentation committee 2023 academic annual meeting was held in Zhuhai, hosted by China Southern Power Grid, Taikai Group as the main praise unit. Five academicians and more than 700 domestic and foreign industry experts attended the meeting, and Taikai technical representative report.

    Among them, Xiao Fengliang made a report on "Research and Demonstration Application of optical storage direct soft technology in new power system", proposing the principle, advantages and application scenarios of optical storage direct soft technology; Pan Hui's report "Research and Design of 12 kV environment-friendly intelligent monitoring gas insulated switchgear" describes the design principle and leading advantages of the product.

    The group will continue to leverage its manufacturing advantages in all categories and voltage levels of power transmission and transformation equipment, and provide customers with safe, efficient, and low-carbon overall solutions with advanced technological strength and solid manufacturing capabilities!