Taikai Group Launched Activity of "First Lesson at Beginning of Work"


    Get ready to a new journey together! In order to do a good job of resuming work and production in 2023, effectively enhance the safety awareness of employees, implement safety responsibilities, and quickly return to work, Taikai Group fully launched the activity of "the First Lesson at the Beginning of Work", the subordinate companies adhering to the principle of strict prevention and containment of safety accidents, in accordance with the notice issued by the safety committee of the provincial government , take the initiative to plan and take multiple measures to do a good job in the first lesson at the beginning of work.

    Identify Hazards & Keep Safety in Mind

    On the first day of work, the chairman of Taikai High Voltage Switchgear Company organized and launched the activity of "the First Lesson at the Beginning of Work", instructed all accounting units to gather their thoughts and strengthen their consciousness before work commencement to ensure that the site personnel, equipment and facilities and operating environment were in normal condition before starting work and resuming production, and at the same time made the deployment of work in 2023, required the solid implementation of the safety responsibilities of all staff and identification and of hazards identification and control, to ensure the stability of the company's safety production situation.


    In "the First Lesson at the Beginning of Work", the chairman of Taikai Transformer Company deployed to adjust the action and mental state of each department and deployed the post-holiday work to resume in an orderly manner. He asked all staff to perform their safety duties effectively, overcome the "post-holiday syndrome", and do their best to check and prepare for the work to ensure a good start for the whole year.


    Start Safely & Peacefully in the New Year

    Taikai Power Electronic Company and Tai'an Municipal & Taishan District Emergency Management Bureau jointly held "the First Lesson at the Beginning of Work" activity of the production safety. They centered on the current situation of production safety faced, cited typical accident cases, and gave a work safety lesson to all employees from shallow to deep, layer by layer and vividly.

     Taikai High Voltage Switchgear Company recorded a video "Safety Education and Training for Returning to Work after Holiday" and taught it to all employees. After the meeting, the company conducted a safety test for the whole staff through cloud learning.

    Safety For All & All For Safety

    According to the unsafe behaviors, conditions, environment and management problems that tend to appear after the holiday, the principle of Taikai Instrument Transformer Company carried out "the First Lesson at the Beginning of Work" safety education special training for all employees, using "Live Streaming + Offline Meeting" method to achieve full participation, and at the same time organized the safety inspection before the start of work to ensure the safety and stability of production after work resumption.

    During "the First Lesson at the Beginning of Work", Taikai Power Switchgear Company stressed the need to enter into working condition after holiday and develop effective measures to keep the production order stable. The training was nailed live, with the participation of all company staff, and a production safety warning and education film was watched.

    The first thing for an enterprise to start business is to "stress safety". Through the "the First Lesson at the Beginning of Work" activity, the Group's subordinate companies have created a strong atmosphere of production safety, tightened the string of production safety, and laid a solid foundation for the Group's production safety work in 2023.