Leaders of CGN New Energy Company Visited Taikai Group


    On March 8, Assistant to General Manager of New Energy Engineering Division of CGN New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. Wu Gang led a team to visit Taikai Group, accompanied by Chairman of Taikai Group Cai Taoyuan, Deputy General Manager Feng Li, Chairman of Taikai Electric Appliance Company Zheng Shirui and Chairman of Taikai Transformer Company Zhao Xingying.

     Asst Wu and his party visited the exhibition hall of the Group and learned in detail about the development history, business philosophy, scientific research and innovation, core components, etc. Meanwhile, they visited the Group's subordinate companies such as Taikai High Voltage Switchgear Company, Taikai Cable Company, Taikai Prefabricated Substation Company and Taikai Cacuum Switch Company, and spoke highly of Taikai's technology research and development, production management, quality control, etc.

    During the seminar, Asst Wu said that Taikai is the most loyal partner of CGN, and both sides have been running and growing together for many years, realizing all-round cooperation in power transmission and substation business. Especially during last year's pandemic, Taikai was able to supply on time with quality and quantity to ensure the smooth operation of a large number of CGN projects, which is very rare and fully reflects Taikai's performance strength and contract spirit, for which he expressed his sincere gratitude. 2023 will see a significant increase in the number of new energy projects to be started and put into operation by CGN, and the supply period is tight and the task is heavy, so he hoped to get Taikai's full support. At the same time, Asst Wu said that both sides should continue to deepen cooperation and exchange, especially in the area of product innovation, CGN can serve as a carrier for new product testing and promotion, and jointly promote the application of new technologies.

    Chairman Cai warmly welcomed the visit of Asst Wu and his party, and thanked CGN for their trust and support over the years. Chairman Cai said that Taikai Group always adheres to the main business of power transmission and transformation, strives to make the industry more refined and finer, and creates more value for customers through its own products and services, which is the long-term business philosophy of Taikai. “Last year, the pandemic was serious and the production and operation of the company was also affected to a certain extent, but we fully understand the demands of our customers, do our best to fulfill our commitments and do our best to keep production and supply. Whether it is nuclear power or new energy, the cooperation between TaiKai and CGN has been long lasting and we cherish this friendship very much. In 2023, TaiKai will provide all-round services and fully guarantee the construction of CGN’s new energy projects. At the same time, we hope that both sides will make use of their respective advantages to deepen cooperation in special product development and equipment life-cycle operation and maintenance to achieve a win-win situation.”