Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee Lin Wu Visited Taikai Group for Investigation


    On March 20, Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee Lin Wu visited Taikai Group for investigation, accompanied by Secretary of Tai'an Municipal Party Committee and Director of Standing Committee of Municipal People's Congress Yang Hongtao, Secretary General of Municipal Party Committee Zhang Ying, Secretary of Party Working Committee and Director of Management Committee of Tai'an High-tech Zone Liu Bin, Chairman of Taikai Group Cai Taoyuan and General Manager Fan Deping.

    Secretary Lin and his party visited the Group's exhibition hall and production park. Chairman Cai introduced in detail to Secretary Lin the Group's development history, scientific research investment, talent incentive, key technology breakthroughs, self-production of core components, and performance of national key projects. He also introduced that the Group, as the director of the National Innovation Alliance for New Electric Power System, has reserved in advance the industry frontier technologies such as flexible DC, energy storage and electric energy governance to meet the demand of green, intelligent and efficient development of power grid.

    Secretary Lin highly recognized the extraordinary achievements made by the group in the past 20 years, and fully affirmed the enterprise's retention of talents, high investment and emphasis on R&D to solve many "necklocked" technical problems in power transmission and transformation equipment. He encouraged the companies to continue to increase scientific research and innovation, to firmly grasp the key technologies in their own hands, to continue to adhere to the main industry of power transmission and transformation equipment, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, while targeting international demand, expand overseas markets, achieve rapid development of enterprises, and make greater contributions to building Shandong into an "advanced manufacturing province".