Ge Huijun, chairman of the Shandong Provincial Political Consultative Conference, went to Taikai Electric Company for research


  On the morning of April 24, Ge Huijun, chairman of the Shandong Provincial CPPCC and Party secretary, visited Taikai complete electrical equipment Company for research and guidance, Yang Hongtao, Secretary of the Municipal Committee, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Wu Linzhong, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Chairman of the Municipal Committee, Liu Bin, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Taian High-tech Zone, accompanied the research, Liu Xuemin, Party Secretary of the Group, Chairman CAI Tao-yuan, Complete set of company chairman Zheng Shirui and other reception.

  Chairman Ge and his party visited the production workshop of the complete set of companies, and General Manager Zheng introduced the company's main products and application scenarios, scientific and technological innovation, business indicators, etc., and focused on the "nuclear power special switch cabinet" products. Shandong Taikai Complete Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is the country's largest medium voltage and low voltage switchgear equipment manufacturers, the production of "nuclear power special switchgear" as early as 2009 entered the Chinese nuclear power market, in a number of millions of nuclear power units safe and stable operation, the company has been upgrading core technology in recent years, breaking through many "bottleneck" problems. The localization replacement of nuclear power switchgear has been realized.

  Chairman Ge fully affirmed the development of the group, and hoped that Taikai can grasp the current situation, focus on high-end, intelligent, green, on the premise of steady operation, actively expand overseas markets, to achieve high-quality development.